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W-WNBA-HAZEL LEE-Santino lee is still in the OC,BYAAACH!!!!....and he has met up with a TRUE BLUE BALLER named HAZEL LEE,see came to the basket ball courts to pass judgement on her skills ass a woman who knows what she wants ,and takes it.SHE IS A FREAK ,THIS IS MY KIND OF BALLER BABY!!!YEAH!!!,...LOL,So she made a few HOOPS,i was impressed with ,her form was OUTSTANDING,ASS ALL OUT FOR THE PERFECT SHOT!we go back to my bedroom office,hee,hee,...she poses for some pics,and next thing she showing me is  that BIG ASS BOOTY CASH,RIGHT IN MY FACE,and then she suck the shit out of my dick like she was WORSHIPING IT.after all that i had no choice butt to have her DOUBLE DRIBBLE ON MY BIG BALLS,and i made a 3 point shot with my cum all in her purty mouth,...by the way i know how to spell "pretty",...lol.this girl hazel lee IS A TRUE BLUE BALLER....NUFF SAID!.

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W-WNBA-KIRA-my,my,my this woman named KIRA,her ass is huge!!!i mean i'm still in the OC BYAAACH!,CALI,and i'm getting more girls to try out for the W-WNBA VIDEO ,than in vegas,or miami,wow.kira met me on the basket ball court to see if she has what it take to be a BALLER,for the W-WNBA.well she has what it takes,she has A BIG ASS BOOTY,AND BIG ASS TATAS,and she sucks,and fucks good,j-lo watch out girl.she was so horny that she ask me to fuck her in her ass to make her have a ANAL CLIMAX,so i gave her the wishes she wanted ,and i must admit her ass tasted good,with her pussy juice ;it was a nice tight asshole i was fucking.she will be a W-WNBA GIRL 4 SURE.Best thing after all that,she even double dribbled on my ball sack,and it was good.

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W-WNBA-KARMA-boy,i'm having so much fun in the OC,BYAAACH!,...that i found another w-wnba wannabe ready to get things down ,and dirty,only problem she was running 3 hours late.it was to dark to do anything with this latin girl named karma.not only was it dark,butt my battery ran out on my light on my camera,i  began to think ,i might not be getting my balls lick tonight.we got back to my house,and she read the form,and she had questions out the ass.i finally put her at ease by eating her ass ,and pussy ,before i fuck her in her BIG PHAT BOOTY ANAL HOLE.i fucked her long ,and strong,and then my friends in the end she fouled out,her punishment was DOUBLE DRIBBLE TIME...and a ATM!!..LOL.

Featuring: KARMA


W-WNBA-BLACK CAT- After getting my BALLS LICKED IN LAS VEGAS,i ended up in the OC,BYAAACH!!!..LOL...CALIFORNIA,in fountain valley,ORANGE COUNTY,baby yeah,...and i met up with another wannabe BALLER,named black cat,she looked real nice tall,and sexxxy, like a model,so i was wondering what her ass looked like out of her shorts,and i was not disappointed   ,she had a big ass for her size,and she loves to fuck,she even tried to give my camera man some double dribble time,and i said HELL NAW,he best be shooting the camera,while i shoot my load all over her purty mouth,....lol....she has to take it in order to be a true blue balls BALLER...lol

Featuring: BLACK CAT


W-WNBA-AFRICA SEXXX-now santino lee is in las vegas to interview,and audition more wannabe baller in his W-WNBA VIDEO....hee,hee,ha,ha,...so he MEATS{lol} up with big ASS,and big NATURAL TITS,africa sexxx.she wants to be a BALLER so bad she wanted me to pay her to fuck her in DOLLARS,butt instead i gave here 500 hundred BUCKS,and she was pissed off that i fuck the shit out of her,and made her DOUBLE DRIBBLE ON MY BIG'OL BALLS,YEAH,BABY!!!OH YEAH HER PUSSY TASTED VERY GOOD ,I MUST SAY.Anyways she FOULED OUT after i came all over her mouth.

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