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W-WNBA-CHAZZ LEE-OK,now santino lee is in orlando fla,disney world,and all that stuff.we went to the basket ball courts ,and got rain out,so we had to have my 5th baller  cum to the hotel,and do her try out there.she was a slim girls with a model type body named chazz lee,i was wondering it she had suffered from NOASSATALL SYNDROME ,BUTT when she dropped the basket ball shorts ,she had a phat plump rump ready to get waxxxed,and i did my duty for the booty,and made her cum all night long ,untill it was time for her to ,...double dribble on my big balls ,so i could bust a load ,on her pretty mouth.I DROPPED MY BALLS,AND SHE GOT IT.....LOL

Featuring: CHAZZ LEE


W-WNBA-MOCHA LEE-well here we go again santino lee got #4 mocha lee from miami,she a petite thing with a round bubble butt,she also is from AFRICA THE MOTHER LAND OF ALL PHAT PLUMP,JUICY,BIG BOOTY ASSES!!LOL.so she thought she would show me how to play ball,in the end i showed her how to play with my balls ,double time baby,yeah!!!lol...boy ,can she deep throat,she was gagging herself to an climax.i spanked that little bubble butt ,till she suck my big balls to my own climax,and she dranked every drop.NOW THAT BALLIN!!!NO FOULS HERE.LOL

Featuring: MOCHA LEE


W-WNBA-ABSOLUTE LEE-ok now we have a 3rd one named absolute lee,who where are all these lees cumming from?????lol...anyhow she wants to be a w-wnba video girl,and is willing to do anything to get in that position{doggy style }lol,...so i test her skills,to see if she is a true BALLER.when we get to my office bedroom,she was asking why do i have so many bitches on my wall???needless to say i gave her the audition form ,and then got her to doulble dribble on my balls ,so i can bust a nut in her FOULED OUT mouth.LOL.BOY ,I SURE DO ENJOY GETTING MY BALLS LICKED.

Featuring: absolute_lee


W-WNBA-FLIRTAIOUS LEE- after santino lee finish with his 1st double dribbler who by the way FOULED OUT!..LOL,..anyways another wannabe BALLER,wants to try out ass well,her name is flirtaious lee.man she has ASS FOR DAYS,her ass is big ,and juicy.so i put her on the court to see her true skills,and the wind almost blew her wig off,butt i didn't care i wanted to WAXXX HER PHAT ASS!so she cums back to my office bedroom,so i can get her to fill out the audition form,as i fill her up with my air pump after i deflate her big ass booty!..lol,when she finally calms down ,i get her to double dribble on my big balls so i can cum on her face.what a great BALLER...LOL.



W-WNBA/SPONTANIOUS LEE- santino lee  is on the prowl for some w-wnba action! he sets out to the basket ball courts of miami ,and discovers that so many phat plump ass girls want to be in the w-wnba video{WOMEN WITH NUTTIN BUTT ASS!!!!!!}...lol,little do they know that they have to show SKIN TO WIN!!!...lol,so his 1st  phat ass booty girl is the sexy spontanious lee ,she cums to the court ready to do some double dribbling on my balls,..lol,she wants to be in the w-wnba video so bad that she lets me hit it doggy style till its time for her to double dribble on my big balls as i cum in her phat ass mouth.this is ballin at its very best.


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